Our Technology


Gene shuffling and evolution

In order to develop superior biocatalysts Microbiogen took a different path than most of its competitors.  To develop superior genetics to organisms already available in the marketplace, Microbiogen has developed proprietary technologies that accelerate evolution and the gene shuffling required to produce superior phenotypes.  Some improvements include higher temperature, ethanol and organic acid resistance, faster fermentation and lower unwanted by-products.

High-tech instruments

Development protocols are dependent upon high-tech tools such as robots, HPLC, GC, flow cytometry amongst other bespoke pieces of equipment.  As the number of renewable and sustainable solutions present themselves in the labs the pace of development is expected to accelerate and will require further capital investment over time.


Microbiogen believes strongly in the power of collaboration and is looking to secure additional partners into the future.  This could include areas such as bio-chemicals, wine and beer amongst others.  Interested parties should either phone on +61 2 9418 3182 or email us at geoff.bell@microbiogen.com.  

If you think you could make a contribution to any of our programs and would like to make a difference in the renewable and sustainability fields, please use the contact details above


(02) 9418 3182

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