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Microbiogen leads the world in the development of superior biocatalysts for a range of industries including 1st and 2nd generation biofuels, human food and animal feed amongst others. The company focus is on sustainability, renewables and maximising shareholder value. The unique technology developed by the science team at Microbiogen is a game changer with first products now launched.


1st Generation Biofuels

Novozymes expands Innova Yeast based on Microbiogen's robust genetics.  Force and Fit added to the product portfolio in 2019.

"The Innova platform, with the launch of Drive, Lift, Force and now Fit has been adopted as the most robust yeast in the marketplace. Novozymes’ yeast solutions enable ethanol producers to run their plants the way they want to – and not be boxed in by a one-size-fits-all product. Within 1.5 years of launching our first yeast, over one quarter of North American ethanol plants now use Novozymes’ yeast, clearly signaling the need for the performance, flexibility, and reliability Innova solutions deliver.
By leveraging the biological synergies and sustainability of our enzymes, yeast, and technical service platforms, Novozymes has reset performance expectations for ethanol production. The launches of the Innova Force fermentation solution and Fortiva, our newest liquefaction solution, together deliver the most holistic, sustainable, and advanced approach to ethanol production, all based on customer needs and our commitment to a better tomorrow using transformational biology"
—Brian Brazeau - Novozymes - June 2019

2nd Generation Biofuels

Optimisation Underway

Microbiogen is currently utilising its unique robust enhancing yeast technology to optimise Gen II yeast strains.  Supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, a A$8M project is currently underway and expected to be completed through 2020.  The result will be the world's most robust and effective Gen II yeast biocatalyst.  Technology is being developed in conjunction with a major global industrial biotechnology partner, with potential for additional collaborations with end users.

Human Food - Baking

Alternative Animal Feeds

Collaborations Underway

The unique genetics developed by Microbiogen over the last 15 to 20 years have a multitude of industrial applications.  Two of the most significant applications are in the fields of baker's yeast and animal feed.  The ability to "stack" phenotypes into one unique organism will result in industry disruption.  There is still some potential for collaboration in this area.  Please contact Microbiogen if interested.

Bio-chemicals and Other

Seeking Innovators and Collaborators

The production of biochemicals requires robust biocatalysts.  Microbiogen has developed unique genetics in-house and is ready to collaborate in the area of biochemicals and other industrial applications.

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